Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIWW: Stripes + Link Up!

 Do you ever put on something and think, "I should really wear this more often?" That is this dress for me. This dress is light, airy, and so cute, yet I seem to never wear it.

I got the dress at a boutique a couple years ago, so it has no source, sorry! The sandals are my favorite Gap ones and the jean jacket is from Old Navy.

Currently I am down here in the Hill Country soaking up time with the family. We have eaten Mexican food, shopped, visited my grandparents, and I have slept in. Poor Chris had to stay in Dallas to work. I try to convince him he should just be a teacher, but he isn't taking the bait.


- I just groaned loudly and my brother said, "How is the blog coming? Feeling uninspired?" Yes, I am. I am in a blog funk.

- My Mom bought me some adorable shoes today that I can't wait to show off soon. Maybe that will be some inspiration for me to get a post up next week. 

- I am obsessed with Sally Hansen Insta Dry nail polish. I have figured out the key is to NOT put on a base coat. Seriously, this stuff has stayed on for weeks, weeks, without chipping!

- I am just now getting into Modern Family and all I can say is, "I have been missing out!" So freaking funny!

- Sonic hot fudge milkshakes are like heaven in a cup. That's all I would request for my last meal, for anyone wondering.

Now for the link up!
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- Write about something fashion related :)

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Happy Wednesday! 
Thank you for linking up!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm over here, just livin'!

Let me just be super honest here. It is hard to blog in the summer. I have no outfit inspiration because I am constantly sweating bullets and wearing workout clothes. I don't feel like cooking because ice cream sounds better. I would rather be outside working on DIY projects than inside blogging about them. Hence why I have been absent the last couple days.

Friday I headed out to the lake with my girlfriend and her bridesmaids. Of course it was the first time in over 100+ years that it had been in the 70's in July for three days in a row here in Dallas. Seriously? The one weekend I get to go to the lake and it is cold. That didn't stop me from getting in the water and tubing like a maniac!

Andddd now I am still feel the wrath of being beaten around like a ragdoll on that tube. #worthit

Sunday I got back form the lake and headed straight to my cousin's  house for a BBQ and swim party. It was finally sunny so my porcelain skin got some color. All of this was happening while my phone sat inside.
I was home for a hot second and then headed down to the Texas Hill Country to visit my parents. I am making my rounds to visit grandparents and family since this is my last chance until school starts up again.
I could have posted yesterday, but all I was thinking was how I didn't feel like it. I didn't want to be on the computer, I had no pictures to show, and I just wanted to be present with my family. I literally took no pictures all weekend. My friend had to text me the one in this post.

I know here in a couple weeks life will be back to crazy. I will have a new batch of cherubs to love and I won't be spending my days at home.

For the last couple weeks of summer (seriously, it flies by!!!) I am going to try and be present as much as possible. If I don't get a post up, oh well. If I don't document my life day by day, oh well. I am looking forward to spending time with Chris and my family. Going to Rangers games and Rough Riders games. Meeting up with friends for lunch. Watching morning talk shows. I want to soak it all in because reality is about to hit me like a ton of bricks and life will be back at full speed.

I will still be hosting WIWW, but you can expect posts to be here and there. I hate the feeling that I HAVE to post, so maybe I will find a new motivation here in a couple days, weeks, or months. For now, I am off to spend time with my family and eat some yummy Mexican food!!

Happy Tuesday!

PS: for all of you commenting and asking questions about things, I will try to respond! I am also trying to stay off email, so please don't be offended when I email back a week later!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recent Pet Peeves

Throwback to our honeymoon in Kauai...because every blog post needs a picture.
1. Littering. Seriously, lazy, pick up your trash. Ugh

2. When Chris bites his nails and I can hear it. It makes me cringe. The nails on the chalkboard cringe. He does it subconsciously and I beat him immediately. Kidding, kind of

3. Shrieking. From babies, it is cute. From grown people it is annoying. Don't shriek when a bug flies on you. You can scream, yell, and cuss, but don't let out an awful, high pitched shriek. Ahhhhh.

4. When someone eats a meal and then wants to go workout because they just ate a meal. Ummm, no thanks, I don't want to go shake my stomach up on a jog. I want to let the calories sink into my thighs and remember the bacon I gorged myself on. So annoying.

5. When skinny girls say they are fat. 'Nuff said.

6. The keyboard click on the iphone. Turn. it. off. No one wants to hear you texting. Your ringer going off every five seconds is obvious enough that you're more popular than I. You text so we don't have to hear you, so don't make me listen to 1,987,558 clicks a minute.

7. People in my workout class who don't follow the instructor and, instead, do their own thing. Why did you come to a class to have someone tell you what to do only to not do anything the instructor says? It's distracting and kind of disrespectful to the teacher.

8. Changing the channel on every commercial. I think it is a man thing because Chris does it all the time and so does my brother. Can't we just leave it on one channel?

9. Girls who workout with their hair down. Really?

10. The weird/gross/irreverent articles that pop up on my Facebook. It is so annoying and I probably unfollow 5 people a day because all they do is share weird links.

What are you recent pet peeves? 

Happy Thursday!