Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIWW: Quotes + Link Up


Sometimes an outfit is so classic (read: boring) that there isn't much to say about it. This is one of those outfits, so rather than fill this space up with boring blahblahblah about some normal outfit, I'll give you some quotes from my kids and Chris lately.

Chris: Want to know how I always know when my wife is home?
Me: How?
Chris: (singing) Everyyyy light in the house is onnnn...

Yesterday, while eating an avocado at lunch, a student came up to me and said, "Mrs. Tucker! I didn't know olives grew inside avocados!" Face-palm right then and there.

While watching The Bachelor...the scene where Jade gets to be a princess:
Chris: Do those red soles mean Neil Lane?
Me: (head down, in shame) No, honey, Neil Lane designs jewelry. Those are Loubs.

I came in one morning with makeup on:
Student: Mrs. Tucker! You're glowing! Are you pregnant?!
Me: (I shot them "the look") 

Now for the link up!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My New Favorite Sweater

I might have worn this shirt/sweater way too many times in the last week. It is so soft and goes with everything. I love the detail of the back. You can see through the back, but not so much that it's like, "Hey! Check out my back!"

Another thing that has been on repeat often (maybe too often?) lately is this side braid. I can do this in about 45 seconds and still look somewhat put together at school. It is a step up from my normal pony-tail. There is a teacher at school that always comments when I have my hair down because she says she has never seen anyone wear there hair up more than me. #guilty

And thanks for all the loving comments about our new floors! Once again the day got away from me, and I wasn't home before the sun went down. Pictures of the final product coming soon!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Floor Renovation || Part 1

I have to break this renovation into two parts because were out and about yesterday and we didn't have time to move all the furniture back and take pictures, so hopefully I can get home in time to take some after pictures!

For now, here are some details about the floors we chose, and why.

Back in March when we bought our house we knew the carpets would have to go. Having Bailey and Wrigley is basically guaranteeing that we will never be a "carpet" family. By December the carpets were ewww. They probably looked fine to most, but Chris and I could tell that they were really on their last leg. We would vacuum all the time, rent a steam cleaner, but they never looked like they did when we moved in.

After a little research, we decided laminate was the best option for people with dogs. Real wood scratches easily and we loved those new wood tiles, but we had tile in our old house and my feet hurt all the time from the floor being so hard.

We had been scouring the options Home Depot for quite some time. Over Thanksgiving break we had a contractor come out and he gave us a ridiculously high quote that got us a little discouraged. One day my Dad and I were at Home Depot and one thing led to another and we found out they were having a deal where they would install your laminate (up to 1,000 sq. ft.) for a flat rate of $497. Since we were doing almost 800 square feet, this seemed like the best option.

We chose a more rustic look. We love the dark wood floors, but people have said that the dark shows everything and we knew that would be awful with dogs. We ended up going with Country Oak Sundown and couldn't be more thrilled! It has natural looking imperfections and isn't too dark, or too light.

We rearranged our bedroom, bought a couple new rugs, and are planning more updates soon. This renovation has kick-started our itch for updating our house and we can't stop thinking about what project is next.

Here are a few pictures. I can't wait to show y'all how they look with all the furniture in place!

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