Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Master Bedroom || New Bed Frame

I've accepted that I am just one of those people whose house is constantly evolving. Right when I think a room is done, I change it up.

Our bedroom has changed three times in the two years we've lived in this house.

The most recent change had to happen because we upgraded to a king bed from a queen. That meant we needed a whole new bed frame. We didn't just want a headboard, so I stalked the internet for months trying to find a bed we both liked.

Our only request was that it did not have upholstered sides. Bailey and Wrigley like to lay up against our bed and it always made our bed skirt so dingy, even if they were squeaky clean. I didn't want our bed to start looking dingy because of them laying next to it, so finding an upholstered headboard without upholstered sides was tricky.

Luckily we found one we both loved. It must be really popular because it was back-ordered for over a month, but we weren't really in a rush.

We went with the Whitten Bed from Wayfair. Y'all, we LOVE it! The "wood" is actually metal which makes it seem more durable. The color is perfect for the look we are going for and the headboard fabric is not too beige and not too white.

The assembly was really easy. Chris did it all himself and would let me lift a finger.

This room still has a long ways to go, but I am learning not to impulse buy just to fill space, and instead wait to find something I truly love.

On our queen bed we had the euro pillows and tons of decorative pillows. It was always such a pain when we wanted to go to bed. Where do we put 14 extra pillows?! They would always pile up on our window seat or get stacked in a corner. For this bed, I am thinking less is more.

First we had carpet, white lamps, and the bed was on the opposite wall that it is now.

Then we swapped out the lamps and made a wooden decorative piece for over the bed.

Then we got new floors and decided we wanted to bed on the opposite wall. 

 Now we have a new bed and mattress and no full bedding set, so who knows what will come next!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Life Lately || Happy Birthday To Me

Long time, no blogging! I took an unintentional week off and I feel like that could happen more frequently in the months to come. I'm not sure what that means for my WIWW link-up, but I'm not too worried. This little man in my belly is, honestly, all I care about lately :) I didn't even  feel pressure to blog, which I found relieving because I know those feelings can sneak in like "you have to blog!" 

Oh, and today's my 26th birthday! I have a feeling this may be the best year of my life thanks to a little boy named Graham!

Let me catch you up on what has been happening the last week.

Friday the 29th I hit 30 weeks. This belly is no joke, but I loveeee it!

Two weekends ago Chris and I set out for a day full of errands. On our list: pick out granite, a new back splash, eat Mexican food, and end the day with ice cream. 

I've been begging for new counters ever since we moved in and we are finally doing it! They come to install them on Wednesday and I'm so, so excited! I really wanted it all done by the time Graham gets here and Chris is making all my dreams come true. Him and his dad worked their booties off this weekend ripping out our old counters and back splash and lowering our bar top to make the counter top all one height when you're looking out into the living room. Chris's surprise birthday gift to me was installing under-cabinet lighting...another thing I've been wanting! I can't wait to show y'all the big reveal!

Monday morning my bestie left me a delicious doughnut because she likes to aide in my cravings. 

Shay is a McKinney momma who also happens to have written two cook books! She surprised me and left her meal planning book and her book of 101 cakes in my mailbox while I was on bed rest. I've been cooking up a storm thanks to her easy recipes and shopping list. Because, have I ever mentioned I hate grocery shopping? It is the worst. 

School has been crazy busy, so Wednesday I went and got a pedicure and splurged on Whataburger...which caused my wedding rings to no long fit for a couple days. Whomp whomp.

Thursday we went to our first baby class. We aren't taking that many classes, but I figured Chris needed to go to a couple because he just changed his first diaper Thursday...on that manikin baby. He was not happy with me taking pictures of him. Hey, I had to document the moment!

Friday I hit the 31 week mark and G is now a mad man in there. There are less kicks and punches and more full on round-about kicks and full body rolls! Sometimes I swear he is about to bust through my skin!

Saturday I went shopping for a couple hours with my best friend who treated me to a birthday lunch at Gloria's. I found a dress for my McKinney shower and bought my hostess gifts. Chris wanted me out of the house because of the dust from the kitchen remodel, so I had to oblige :)

I did go home and kick my feet up, though. I am definitely to the waddling point and can only stand for so long.

Sunday I spent a few hours running errands and purging things I found around the house that no longer served a purpose. My feet were killing me when I got home, so Chris said if I went with him to wash his truck he would give me a foot massage while we went through the washing tunnel. I never, ever pass up the opportunity for a foot massage!   

This week is another busy one. From buying life insurance to parent/teacher conferences to putting our kitchen back together, I am already worn out thinking about it.

On another exciting note, Saturday is our first shower in my hometown and I am so excited to see my family and have them spoil Graham! Chris and I were talking the other night before bed about how truly blessed we feel lately. From a baby boy to our jobs and life in general, we are just in a really, really good place. 

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIWW: Baby Update + Link Up

I feel like it has been forever that I've gotten dressed decent enough and been able to take pictures. I am loving this bump of mine, and will be sad when I not longer have him in my belly all day, but we are definitely gearing up to meet Mr. Graham-man.

I figured I'd do one of the traditional updates today just to change things up!

How far along: 29 weeks + five days

Baby size: Almost the size of a cabbage and a little over 3 pounds!

Sleep: This whole pregnancy I've been sleeping like a champ. I've had a few days here and there where my hip pain caused me to toss and turn, but I'd say 90% of the time I am out like a light. I haven't even been waking up to pee because I'm so exhausted! My friend let me borrow one of those Snoogle pillows and it has been the best thing ever. I have no idea why I didn't get one from the beginning.

Belly button: Okay, I don't think I've ever admitted this on my blog, but I have a serious belly button phobia. I hate, HATE belly buttons. Not the look of belly buttons, just when mine gets touched. I cannot touch it and I hate if other people Chris touches it. It makes me want to vomit! So, with that said, my button is currently flat and I am TERRIFIED for when/and if it pops out! Ya'll, that is the only thing that has truly stressed me out. I cannot fathom the thought of my button popping out and possibly being touched, grazed, or bumped in to. It makes me queasy just thinking about it!

Maternity clothes: Leggings all day, every day. I'm not even going to try any other pants. I've managed to wear quite a few of my non-maternity tops, but picked up a few more last weekend that I found super cheap at Ross. Basically everything that still fits is on repeat week after week.

Movement: He is moving around like he is trying to escape! He definitely loves when I eat apples and usually starts wiggling around 7:00am. I have yet to have him wake me up at night. Like I said, I'm not sure much can wake me up these days!

Cravings: Pancakes and waffles!! I was also craving a McDonalds double cheeseburger after church on Sunday, but we were closer to a Taco Bell, so a half pound combo burrito it was :)

Symptoms: I hate to write anything here because I know that could be jinxing it, but I really feel great about how this pregnancy has gone. Other than our hiccup a couple weeks ago, things have been going pretty smooth. I was having pretty bad back pain, but after going to the hospital and getting a shot to stop labor, I realized those were contractions and not actual back pain. I haven't had any back pain since receiving that shot! Praise God!

Things I've anticipated like heartburn, swelling, etc. haven't shown up yet, but I know things can change overnight, so I am taking it one day at a time.

Wedding rings: On! Some days I might eat too many chips and have to take them off, but as of right this moment, they are on.

Looking forward to: We have both our showers in February, so we are looking forward to putting the final touches on his nursery and stocking up on the essentials.

We also have some classes at the hospital scheduled that I really feel will get us in baby-mode.

As of this coming Friday, I will officially be 30 weeks! My doctor won't let me go over 41 weeks, so we have a maximum 11 weeks lefts before G gets here!

Now for the link up!

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- Write about something fashion related!

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Thanks for linking up and to see other WIWW posts, click here.

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