Monday, September 1, 2014

The Lovely Lookbook Link Up: Dresses

 The Lovely Lookbook Button

Welcome to The Lovely Lookbook, a monthly link up to share your style and find outfit inspiration! Our goal for The Lovely Lookbook is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and styles share their looks and find new outfits based on the theme of the month. For each Lovely Lookbook, Sarah and I will share our height and the size of clothing we’re wearing as a reference to help show you how to dress your body. Most times, we'll throw in extra style tips, like we did when we announced The Lovely Lookbook. We hope you'll join us! We want you to share your style to inspire others, and if you're trying to figure out your style, we want to help you look and feel amazing in your own skin and clothing!
September's Lovely Lookbook features dresses, and here are our looks:

  Tucker Up Dress

How gorgeous is Sarah?! I love this look of hers. I really really wish that I could borrow this dress and not look completely inappropriate. Sadly, I'd look like I was wearing a shirt and be arrested for indecent exposure, or it would definitely be stolen from her closet. ;)

Sarah's dress here is a size small and it's from Nordstrom. She's 5'3", but she looks so stinking tall in this photo. The soft neutral dress makes her look long and lean, because it creates one long visual line with her skin tone. (This is a great trick you can duplicate with any colored top and bottom!) The built-in waistline of the dress shows off her waist, and adding the polka dot jacket makes her look even tinier because it visually cinches in at the waist. I love the mix of feminine in the floaty dress and structured jacket and the soft blush paired with black leather. Adorable! I could seriously go on and on about how much I love this look, but I know you've got places to go and people to see!

I chose to layer a top under my trusty shift dress for this month's challenge. Layering is one of my favorite ways to switch up a favorite piece.

  Greater Than Rubies

This dress is a size 4 from JC Penney, and the top is a medium from J. Crew Factory. I'm 5'11" and I wear all kind of sizes to make sure I can get the length of things right. I've come to realize that every designer's sizing is different. For a while, I struggled with having such a wide spread of sizes in my closet, but no one else sees the size on the tag, and if the items fit, all they notice is that you look put together. This combo has me thinking about other tops I could wear under this dress to change up the look, so you'll probably see a few of those coming up on GTR! I also really like the button up collar peeking over the leather collar of the dress. Unique detailing like a leather collar, bright color, or embellishment helps classic pieces feel more modern, and again, pairing opposites like the masculine leather and girly polka dots always gives an outfit good visual interest.

So there you have it, two dresses styled differently and for two different body types. Let’s see yours!

A quick reminder of how The Lovely Lookbook will work:
  • The link up begins on the 1st of every month. So, on the 1st, visit Greater Than Rubies or Tucker Up to link up your styled item. We want you to share your style and/or find inspiration from how others styled their looks. Feel free to link up as many looks as you’d like. If you wear a dress every day for the next two weeks and want to link up each one, awesome. Just one? Perfect. If you aren't a blogger, feel free to just stop by for some inspiration!
  • The link up will run for two weeks (today’s closes on September 14th).
  • Also, from the 1st through the 14th, you can vote for the next month's topic. (Starting today, you’ll vote for October’s.)
  • On the 15th of every month, we’ll do a recap post and announce the following month’s theme.
  • All we ask is that you link your post(s) back to our blogs (Tucker Up and Greater Than Rubies) or grab our buttons from our sidebars. You don’t have to follow us, or give us your first born child to participate. :)
  • If you Instagram, you can use the hashtag #thelovelylookbook to share your style for all to see (or get people to vote for the theme you want next month!) and follow us @TheLovelyLookbook if you like!
We're so excited about this opportunity to showcase a bunch of different ways that women style items they already own! Now link up those dresses, browse for inspiration, and cast your vote!
What do you want to wear and see styled for the October 1 Lovely Lookbook?


Friday, August 29, 2014

August Recap: A blogging conference, DIY projects, and more!

And just like that August is almost over. We are already one week into the school year, on the downhill side of 2014, and I can see fall weather wanting to creep up. Okay, that last one was a lie. It is still over 100 degrees here, but I feel like if I talk about the fall weather coming, maybe it will actually drop below 80 degrees.

August was too awesome not to recap. I was going back through my posts and was realizing how much fun I had!

I finally found the camo pants I had been on the hunt for...

I attended The Hundred Event and met some of my blogging idols. I also wrote a post on '10 Tips I Learned from a Blogging Conference'.

I got a diaper bag and use it as my teacher bag and, to be honest, I am in freaking love with it. So much so that I told Chris that when we do have a child, I will be needing another Lily Jade bag. Seriously, y'all, there is a spot for EVERYTHING!

I showed y'all our master bedroom and how I stained our side tables.

And Caitlin and I announced The Lovely Lookbook! Don't forget to come back Monday to link up you dresses!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Admit 5 Things

A picture I once sent to my girlfriend in college who then sent it to Chris when we were first dating...#embarrassing
1. I admit...Germs don't gross me out. I eat things off the floor, don't care if someone eats off my plate, and don't freak out when someone drinks out of my glass. I do, however, always wash my hands after using the bathroom and, now that I am back in school, I wash my hands more often because my babies are the most sanitary things on the planet. Chris on the other hand is a hand sanitizer freak. But, on the flip side, he will gut a deer then rinse his hands with water out of a jug, then eat a burger. Makes no sense to me.

2. I admit...I am sort of a freak when it comes to the sheets in my bed. The flat sheet and the comforter have to be perfectly lined up or we have to ge tout of bed and fix it. I cannot sleep if the sheet is way far up by your face and the comforter is like a foot lower. Drives me nuts.

3. I admit...I'd rather mow the lawn than do laundry. When mowing the lawn you can get in a workout, tan, and listen to music uninterrupted....three things you can't do while doing laundry.

4. I admit...My best friend and I used to get on AOL instant messenger and tell people we were twins that drove fancy cars and our dad was a doctor. We were basically 'catfishing' over decade ago.

5. I admit...I cry at all things sappy. Commercials, sob stories on reality shows like American Idol, weddings on TV, etc. Chris thinks it is so weird, but I seriously can't help it! 

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