Friday, August 1, 2014

July Recap: Lots of house updates!

1. We are still loving our bathroom cabinet transformation

2. Everyone agreed that removing the giant bushes was a great decision, but I have yet to paint the front door. Hopefully I can find tome for that soon!

3. This shot might have not only made our month, but our year. We still giggled when we watch it!

4. Chris is still smitten with his man-cave. I love how it is totally him, yet still fits in with our house. We are still on the lookout for a rug, but we want to be patient to find the perfect one!

5. This pineapple top has gotten way more use than I ever anticipated, and I am okay with it.

How was your July? I can't believe I go back to school in two weeks. Where has the summer gone?!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things that make me really happy

- Antique jars handed down to me from my grandparents that make cute little vases.

- Dancing around the kitchen to a new song (All about that bass, anyone?) while my husband watches me with a sweet smile on his face.

- This tiny "T" necklace that I got last week. I am not one for dainty jewelry, but I can't take off this necklace.

- When Wrigley and Bailey cuddle up next to me. Melt my heart!

- Recently Chris and I have been going up to the park to play basketball before dinner. It makes me so happy to just laugh and have some friendly competition with my husband.

- All the family time we have had the past month makes me so very happy! I mean, how can this face not make you smile!

Mt brother and his three friends at Six Flags. My brother is the back left one...the one who looks scared out of his mind. He hates roller coasters!
- Having a house full of kids/people always puts a smile on my face. I can't wait for the day we fill our house with lots of kiddos. the more chaos, the better :) 

What makes you happy?!

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIWW: Floral Skirt + Link Up

It is nice to look at some girly pictures (of myself, so vain, lol!) since I have been surrounded by five boys all week. I have been soaking up time with my brother and his friends (all who I have known since they were in diapers), plus our computer batter is fried, so I have been pretty unplugged lately. 

So far I have done at least one load of dishes a day, had to tell them to stop rough-housing on my couch, and I watched two of them tase each other with my taser. No worries. I filmed them saying that no matter what happens, the Tucker's are not responsible for anything. Boys will be boys.

Having them around is so fun for Chris and I. Although I wouldn't give up my free summers, it can get a little boring around here, so it is fun to have them all here to spice things up.

Now let's talk about the Bachelorette finale. I read the spoilers, so I knew it was Josh all along, and he is totally my type, so I'm happy she picked him. He played baseball, has dark hair, nice teeth, and is a gentleman...sounds a lot like Chris! I would have taken farmer Chris, too, but obviously he wasn't an option. All I knew was I was elated she didn't pick Nick. Ewww. I know, some of you hate Josh, think he is a typical athlete, blah, blah, blah, but I married a college baseball player and he has been nothing but a saint to me, so I am giving Josh the benefit of the doubt. Plus, him and Andi are adorable together!

Watching the finale with five boys is quite an adventure. I told them repeatedly that there were three other tvs in the house and they didn't have to stay in the living room the whole time and comment on everything that was going on....BUT they insisted they stay and watch it with me.

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